Saturday, 7 July 2012

Back from silence

Well it's been longer than I meant to let it get between posts, but I figure I've been putting it off long enough.  A couple of posts ago I talked about how when I disappear from posting its usually a sign I'm slacking off and afraid to face my own music ... but that's really not the case.  At least mostly not.  The fact is the last three weeks have been a fairly action-packed time.  They included mom going away from the girls from the first time for four days and leaving dad in charge.  They also included dad successfully having two happy healthy baby girls there to see her when she got back (along with a little help from the vital cogs of Grandma and Grandpa).  It also included me coming down with a pretty nasty head cold and lovely run of my favorite Cipro to knock it back down before it settled too badly into my lungs.  I've been keeping up with most of my exercise at least trying to do a pretty good clip walking the dog (though I know I should be trying to do more).  Appetite has gone a bit off a cliff but that's usually a fairly common side effect for me when I'm on Cipro, hopefully know that that's done the appetite will start to pick back up.  I've also learned that I'm a bit of a marshmallow when it comes to heat.  After giving up on summer to finally arrive at home we traveled to visit my wife's parents.  Now for me, growing up in a Sea side climate, it always takes a bit of getting used to desert climate.  Its even more difficult when the temperatures hit the mid 30's and this delicate jam tart is forced to retreat to the basement.  I love the sun, I love the ability to take the dog for a dip in the lake.  The part I care for less is the feeling I've got a band strapped around my chest.  On top of that, the girls are little unused to the warm nights as well which is forcing mommy into some rough night's sleeps.  But all in all its been really nice to get on the road here and its great watching the girls enjoy themselves in a big back yard as they continually bring Fiona piles and piles of sticks and balls.  Hopefully I won;t be so long between posts here and while I may not give my self an A over this past three weeks for doing everything I need to, I do give myself at least a low to mid B.

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