Friday, 19 April 2013

NIght guy fun and Morning Guys problems

I guess it's time for a little update since I haven't posted in like 3 weeks.  Damn time flies.  Now for those who have been reading this blog before they know that I've said in the past when I don't post it's usually that I'm avoiding it because I don't want to have to own up to the fact that maybe I haven't been giving it my all.  Well, not this time.  The truth is, for the last three weeks, and more specifically I've been busting my hump trying to all all the marks, parenting - exercising - eating - sleep - work, and so far so good.  We hit up the Zoo and promptly bought ourselves seasons passes as the girls absolutely loved it.  We also got to have some good family fun with easter egg hunts and trips to Costco with Grandma and Grandpa.
I've also been back at work now for two weeks trying to work hard to clean up the mess I left for everybody when I had to disappear for four weeks.  I've been hitting the gym three days a week and also cranking out some solid cardio four times a week.  The diet has kept up, I'm sitting at around 146lbs now and am only four pounds from my minimum weight threshold I like to be at and 14lbs from my max goal.  The truth is the last time I hit 160 is almost a decade ago and while it may not be realistic, it's a target to keep looking towards.  
To be honest, the part that has been the hardest in all this is the sleep part, not that I struggle with falling asleep, I just really really suck at getting my butt into bed.  There's a Seinfeld bit where he describes it perfectly, I'm night guy, night guy never wants to go to bed.  Now getting up after five hours sleep, Oh, that's morning guys problem, not my problem, I'm night guy.  So I've been trying to make sure I start my night shake no later than quarter to ten and my light is out no later than eleven.  It really shouldn't be so hard, but it's something I really struggle with and know that if I'm gonna have the energy to do the other things above, I'm going to need the proper rest.
There is a reason for this push to see if I can handle this work load.  After my last clinic I was somewhat underwhelmed with my latest PFT results and looking at my trend over the last 5 and ten years there is a clear and overall decline.  Not too serious yet, but something that needs to be watched.  THe subject of reducing my hours at work was lightly raised by my CF doc.  Now, at some point the reality has always been out there that I will have to scale back my workload, maybe work a few less hours per week, but in my mind right now, I'm not at that point yet. So, hence the push to see if I hit all the right marks when it comes to my health AND still get to have that crucial quality time with my fam, can I also handle a full time work load. In my mind I have little doubt that I can.  Until next time.

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